August 15


Today on the way to San Jose (cue music) with #RobinHood and the #wodebooks!

I’ll be signing on Monday at 2pm. Bring a book to sign and you’ll receive a special thank you. I’ll also be at the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading on Saturday at 5pm along with a lovely and lively group of writers. Between times you can find me and the books at the BU table. Stop by and say hullo!

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  1. By Evelyn Streifer on

    Hi J. Tullos Hennig,
    I just wanted to ask when the last book of the Wode series will be released?
    At the end of Summerwode there was short information about Wyldingwode, and since then, unfortunately, nothing. 😟
    So pretty please, could you give me some information about it?

    Thanks and have a nice week,

    1. By JTullosHennig (Post author) on

      Hullo, Evelyn,

      Thanks so much for your interest in my work! 🙂 I’ve been head down in the manuscript, hoping to turn WYLDINGWODE in by year’s end, and furthermore hoping to see the finished product in 2019.

      I’ve also some more surprises in the works. If you’d like to keep appraised of all the latest, feel free to sign up for the newsletter at the site. And again, I’m so pleased that you like the books!



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