February 2

All Things Must End

And so ends the First Blog Tour.  I hope everyone who came along enjoyed it.  I’ve certainly enjoyed getting to see new faces.  And if you haven’t gone and signed up for the giveaway, you should.  Quickly. It is awesome, and DSP Publications is truly awesome for offering it.)
New experiences are broadening, and interesting in so many ways.  New social experiences are always… well… as lovely as the rewards can be, I think Crown Prince Frederick Hapnick can say it far better than I…  😉

So I’m off for a hot toddy and my umpteenth viewing of THE GREAT RACE.  (And really, if you’ve not seen this movie, you should.)

January 23

Blog Tour and Such

It’s been rather a busy week–and it’s not over yet!

Who’d’ve thought at my age I’d be a virgin–but I am–a blog tour virgin!   Interviews, reviews, assorted snippets and excerpts and giveaways.  Yes, giveaways!  Details as to where you can come visit the tour and enter and share your thoughts:


Greenwode Button 300 x 225

And this Saturday 24 Jan at 11-2 pm Pacific, I’ll be on the DSP Publications Facebook page, gossiping about the Wode denizens. Stop by and heckle me like those two geezers on the Muppet Show!  I promise to heckle you back, share excerpts and goodies.

And I have cookies.  Biscuits.  Whats’mever.  🙂  Facebook Chat



January 20

Stuff. Happening!

First off, I’ve finally switched web hosting providers, which means I can actually post to the blog occasionally without refreshing, swearing, losing content, swearing more, refreshing…


Moreover, I like this new blog design.  Sooo much easier.  It even looks like the notebook on my desk… only scads neater.  :/  The main web site at jtulloshennig is also changed over, and enduring a bit of redesign at my admittedly amateur hands.  If there are any glitches, bear with me.  I’m still checking it over.  (The contact section is bloody eating my lunch.)

Finally… who’d have thought I’d be a virgin at my age? A Blog Tour virgin!  It just started yesterday, going through 02 February.  Come heckle me like the two old geezers in the Muppet Show and sign up for giveaways.  Yep, you heard me, giveaways! Schedule is here:
Jen’s Blog Tour

And this Saturday I’ll be at the DSP Publications Facebook page for a chat. Info below.  I have cookies.

Meet the Author


September 12

Goodreads chat!


I will be on the Dreamspinner Press Goodreads Group for a chat this Saturday (14 Sept.) from 3-6 p.m. CST.
Here’s the link: Meet J Tullos Hennig

Come for a cup of virtual tea, ask questions, get asked questions, see some excerpts from the Wode books as well as some totally new stuff–and participate in a giveaway or two to help me celebrate the release of Shirewode.

All are welcome, and I hope to see you there!


(archival image: George Frederick Watts)