January 28

The Eternal Return of Legends

Celebrating Re-releases, the Collective Unconscious, and the Eternal Return of Legends

It’s in the water, right? Must be.

But it’s not always that simple. In fact it’s staggering–and humbling, really—how creativity channels itself. Not only in our hearts and minds, but in that undeniable cogency oft known as the ‘collective unconscious’. Things really do bide in the ether, surface for breath in the waters of the subconscious. And as of late, a certain Notorious Outlaw is making the rounds again.

Thankfully, that Notorious Outlaw makes those rounds on a regular basis. You can peer back through history and see nice, fat clusters of storytelling. It’s brilliant, in every sense of the word. Because those of us who are fascinated by something, who study it and obsess over it, love, live, and breathe it, are always willing for more. People who crave a well-told story will visit—and revisit—that story again and again. Each incarnation gives us new cause for either shattering insight or groans of utter dismay, brings new adventures and causes… all with which we can ponder the outlaw Robin Hood.

And there is so much to ponder. So much to explore and discover. He’s in the water, all right: a water horse, a kelpie who’ll cozen you to back him then throw you in to drown. Or even better, a pwca, a trickster who’ll give you that wild ride but perhaps relent, share some advice and goodwill to see you back home on wobbly legs.

You see, it was about thirty years ago when I wrote and nearly published my own first invocation and incarnation of Robin (or Robyn, even as the books have always been called Greenwode and Shirewode). England’s greatest archer was popping his wolfish head above the water then, too. Some amazing novels came from that particular surge—Parke Godwin’s retelling being amongst my all-time favourites of any genre. There were also movies: one so-so, one not-so. A man who was to become my friend was, unknown to me and across the pond, working on a very magical Robin Hood at nearly the same time as I was working on mine. Both of these were (and are) akin in their mix of historical tradition, high romance, and old magic. His went on to be an award-winning (and breathtaking) television series; mine was not so fortunate, though it did nearly go to contract twice before ending up in a file drawer as the cycle waned.

Such are the hazards of publishing. Yet bad luck can hold its own share of fortune. Those books that almost were thirty years ago now are. I’m a better writer than I was, and the Wode books are better than they were.  (Now with DSP Publications, a third in the series is slated to release Autumn of 2015.) Even more gratifying, when I dusted off an old manuscript several years ago and decided upon a total rewrite and restructure, it seems Robin was also dusting off the old longbow and taking aim back into the collective mainstream. There’s even talk of a new movie—definite cause for hope and dread and even perhaps a gnash of one’s teeth. 😉 It’s happening again: new tales and retellings, little wildfires popping up here and there… quite apropos to a firebrand archer.

I’m sure the signs have been there for a while, but admittedly I’ve been spending more time larking my own ‘swete greenwode’. Amidst my larking I’ve shaped a story which is garnering some loyal readers and critical acclaim; a satisfying debut for a world that has been poking at my back brain for… well, for much of my life, really. A strange thought, perhaps, to spend so much time in creation when our modern existence extols “hurry, put it out there, now!” But I don’t find it strange, not at all, and it is my sincere hope many others will find my books, sit back… breathe… and enjoy the ride as much as I have.

Robin Hood (aka Robyn Hode), more than perhaps any other figure from myth or history, is discontent to merely bide in the depths of history. In a very real sense he challenges it, both flaunts and mirrors those changes history and society would choose to reveal. How fitting that a figure often connected with the Green Man would be so wrapped up in the spiral of the Eternal Return, both mythic and prosaic. For someone whose historical existence is ever in doubt, Robin has the ultimate extant power: he sparks stories in those of us who are compelled to tell them.

He’s a pwca, all right.RobynIcon

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January 23

Blog Tour and Such

It’s been rather a busy week–and it’s not over yet!

Who’d’ve thought at my age I’d be a virgin–but I am–a blog tour virgin!   Interviews, reviews, assorted snippets and excerpts and giveaways.  Yes, giveaways!  Details as to where you can come visit the tour and enter and share your thoughts:


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And this Saturday 24 Jan at 11-2 pm Pacific, I’ll be on the DSP Publications Facebook page, gossiping about the Wode denizens. Stop by and heckle me like those two geezers on the Muppet Show!  I promise to heckle you back, share excerpts and goodies.

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January 20

Stuff. Happening!

First off, I’ve finally switched web hosting providers, which means I can actually post to the blog occasionally without refreshing, swearing, losing content, swearing more, refreshing…


Moreover, I like this new blog design.  Sooo much easier.  It even looks like the notebook on my desk… only scads neater.  :/  The main web site at jtulloshennig is also changed over, and enduring a bit of redesign at my admittedly amateur hands.  If there are any glitches, bear with me.  I’m still checking it over.  (The contact section is bloody eating my lunch.)

Finally… who’d have thought I’d be a virgin at my age? A Blog Tour virgin!  It just started yesterday, going through 02 February.  Come heckle me like the two old geezers in the Muppet Show and sign up for giveaways.  Yep, you heard me, giveaways! Schedule is here:
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And this Saturday I’ll be at the DSP Publications Facebook page for a chat. Info below.  I have cookies.

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