May 15

Launch bonus for SUMMERWODE!

A sneak peek …

…at a very special bonus for Friends of the Wode!

You can participate in the launch of Summerwode, the newest in the Books of the Wode.
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You can receive, as a thank you from me, a set of four limited edition Tarot cards especially designed by cover artist Shobana Appavu.

(And yes, the above is a snapshot of one of them. They are beautiful!)

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

~~  The first 15 people who purchase a new copy of Summerwode (ebook or trade paper) AND send me an email copy of their receipt (jen AT jtulloshennig DOT net) will receive the 4 limited-edition debut cards of the Wode Tarot, PLUS the added bonus that all four will be signed by the artist as well as yours- truly-the-author.

~~  The next 30 people who purchase a new copy of Summerwode (ebook or trade paper) AND send me an email copy of their receipt (jen AT jtulloshennig DOT net) will receive 4 limited edition debut cards of the Wode Tarot.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I will notify you within the fortnight as to your gift and add you to my newsletter list for notification of future releases & special things. You send me a mailing address so your own set of cards can wing its way to you!
(And please be assured that I do not share any addresses, email or physical, of anyone who corresponds with me)

Tomorrow Summerwode launches!
THANK YOU for sharing my worlds with me!
*throws confetti*

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  1. By Larry Wheelock on

    This launch notice didn’t seem to include an email address ( or I missed it) so I emailed my receipt to the email address I had for you.

    1. By JTullosHennig (Post author) on

      Augh! Thank you for the notice… I’m fixing it. Cheers!

  2. By Teal on

    If you’re calling these four “debut cards,” does that mean there’s actually a full deck in work? That would be just about too good to be true. When I reviewed Greenwode on GoodReads, I illustrated the review with images from The Greenwood Tarot. An actual Wode Tarot would be AMAZING.

    1. By JTullosHennig (Post author) on

      You mentioned the Greenwood Tarot, which was done by an old acquaintance of mine, so I had to run over to GR and see! I missed it before–the way GR stockpiles reviews means that if you don’t visit often you can miss things. :/ Mea culpa. But what a lovely, detailed, and well-thought-out review it was. Such things are rare, thank you so much! (You’re fortunate to have a copy of that deck; it’s been out-of-print for a while now. Have you seen the new one? Beautiful as well.)

      MYTHAGO WOOD is also one of my old-time favourites.

      As to a Wode Tarot, I’d really like to at least put out a Major Arcana. The Wode readers are a small but mighty group, and with some outreach and through a Patreon or the like, I’m hoping to fund it. Still in the works, but go ahead and sign up for the newletter through the website or here on the blog; that’s the best way to get news directly in your inbox on these sorts of things.

      Thanks so much for taking this journey with me. I hope it continues to inspire and entertain you as much as it does me. Cheers!

      1. By Teal on

        What an interesting synchronicity that you have a connection to the Greenwood Tarot. I do have the new one, the Wildwood, as well.

        And I’m thrilled that a Wode Tarot is a possibility! If there’s going to be a Patreon or other crowd-funding effort, I will contribute. (I’m going to be sending you an email on that subject.) I think I made it onto your mailing list by virtue of participating in this launch bonus giveaway. Probably I was too late to be one of the first 45, but at least it gets me into the system for your newsletter. 🙂


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