1. By Chris on

    Hi Jeanine, great to hear your treatment is working. A cancer diagnosis changes the priority list in one’s life. I know personally how surgery and radiation affect energy level. It does get better. I’m rooting for your recovery and your projects.
    Feedback: I like the audio update. Your voice is clear and thoughts well organized. The presentation is soft and moves along without lugging. And expression of public policy opinions(e.g., healthcare insurance) makes the podcast relevant.
    Wildwing Wood–yay!
    Social Media–meh. I just pulled the plug on FaceBook. I’ll follow you through other channels include Goodreads.
    Thanks for the update.
    All the best in 2019. Chris

    1. By JTullosHennig (Post author) on

      Hi, Chris, it’s great to hear from you! Thanks for the feedback; it’s nice to know when things work… or don’t. It’s also nice to know that it will get better. Some days have been… interesting. :/
      I keep debating the FB plug pulling, m’self. Drop a line as you can, and let me know how your projects are going.
      Hope things are going well for you and yours, and all the best right back at’cha!
      Cheers, Jeanine


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