May 15

Launch bonus for SUMMERWODE!

A sneak peek …

…at a very special bonus for Friends of the Wode!

You can participate in the launch of Summerwode, the newest in the Books of the Wode.
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You can receive, as a thank you from me, a set of four limited edition Tarot cards especially designed by cover artist Shobana Appavu.

(And yes, the above is a snapshot of one of them. They are beautiful!)

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

~~  The first 15 people who purchase a new copy of Summerwode (ebook or trade paper) AND send me an email copy of their receipt (jen AT jtulloshennig DOT net) will receive the 4 limited-edition debut cards of the Wode Tarot, PLUS the added bonus that all four will be signed by the artist as well as yours- truly-the-author.

~~  The next 30 people who purchase a new copy of Summerwode (ebook or trade paper) AND send me an email copy of their receipt (jen AT jtulloshennig DOT net) will receive 4 limited edition debut cards of the Wode Tarot.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I will notify you within the fortnight as to your gift and add you to my newsletter list for notification of future releases & special things. You send me a mailing address so your own set of cards can wing its way to you!
(And please be assured that I do not share any addresses, email or physical, of anyone who corresponds with me)

Tomorrow Summerwode launches!
THANK YOU for sharing my worlds with me!
*throws confetti*

July 10

Winterwode! Cover!!!

WinterwodeCover-webWinterwode is available for pre-order with DSP Publications!

I’m sharing the news and the cover goodness not only online, but this weekend as a guest author at BritishFest 2 in Council Bluffs Iowa. Pics to come later. Because, cover. ——>>

It is beautiful, isn’t it?
Shobana Appavu is a goddess of all things art.

You can find more info on Winterwode by clicking on the amazing cover art —–>>>>

August 30

Re-release!–The Legend Begins Again

In late October, the Legend begins again…RobynIcon

DSP Productions and J Tullos Hennig present the re-release of Greenwode, to be followed by the re-release of Shirewode, and–

In Autumn of 2015, the Robyn Hode legend continues with the release of WINTERWODE, the anticipated third book of The Wode!

Greenwode and Shirewode will be re-released with new material, and shall be temporarily off-market in preparation for the event.  The audio books will continue to be available through Audible.

February 21

Words are powerful, indeed

GreenwodeCover275I once told a good friend who had just had her book put on audio that it must be an amazing feeling.

And I was right.  It IS.

Awesome, in the true sense of the word. Thrilling. Humbling. Those are your words. Someone arsed themselves to speak them aloud, tell them. Greenwode is on audiobook, and I’m finally getting to listen to it.  In another month, Shirewode will be joining it, and yours truly will be in auditory bliss. The narrator–I prefer storyteller because, well he IS–Ross Pendleton, is fabulous. I sincerely want to share the auditory squee!

So, in aid of this, I want to invite you to visit the Dreamspinner audiobooks Facebook page tomorrow, (Saturday, 22 Feb) where I will be helping to host a giveaway of an audio copy of Greenwode. Come on over, say hullo, enter to win this fabulous audiobook. I’ll be checking in pretty regularly throughout the day to chat and answer questions:  DsP Audiobooks on Facebook

I’m reading another book whilst listening to Greenwode. This in itself not unusual–there are books piled all over the cottage, half-read or being read, much of them research for the next projects because, well, everything eventually comes back around to the writing.  But this book (The Guardian of All Things: the Epic Story of Human Memory by Michael Malone) has a particularly strong correlation:

“It was the increasingly complex demands of daily life, combined with consciousness and this irresistible call to meaning and purpose, that drove language forward toward realisation.  We learned to talk because we had things to learn, and stories to tell.”

Written words can give one a shiver, like that passage did for me. The written word can be life-altering, uplifting, damaging, diverting; a power its own existence. But telling the stories, listening to the stories; this is something even more primal, buried deep within our consciousness. A storyteller is what I have no choice but to be; to hear one of my stories told–passed on–by another is something truly to leave one, temporarily at least, without words.