January 15

Midnight Confession–I Dig Figure Skating

Yeah, I do.  Big time.  And why not, when there are things like this?


I mean, sharing and experiencing beautiful work and artistry is what it’s all about, eh?

Watch these two amazing athletes full screen.  More than once.  Meryl Davis and Charlie White are contenders for Olympic gold, two bloody amazing ice dancers, and if their performance does not make your jaw drop, then you are made of the stuff they’re gliding on.  I’ve been a dancer my entire life and have had a soft spot for Ice Dancing ever since the teams were emulating the look of a bodice ripper romance novel 😉 … but now it is amazing.  Art with a firm foundation of amazing technique.

(Because Art and Technique are bendy and passionate lovers who can go through the entire Kama Sutra forwards & backwards if you let them.)

But wait, I’ve more Beauty to share, albeit a different and joyful expression of it.  From mind-blowing veterans to a bloody brilliant new skater who has just moved up to the senior circuit and has art oozing out his toe picks.  Jason Brown just got picked for the Olympic team.  He doesn’t have a quad jump–yet.  He has MORE.  Like depth and expression and amazing transitions and musicality.  No soulless jumping bean here.  Massive props to his coach for developing his talent with forethought and, moreover, patience.

And hey–he’s got a ponytail!


Yep, I’mma looking forward to the Olympics.